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About Asbestos Removal Central

The Asbestos Removal Central website has been established to spread awareness about Asbestos. The website provides unbiased informaiton about about the effects of asbestos, removal regulations and safety procedures. Asbestos safety and eradication is a serious environmental and personal concern which a lot of institutions and people are highly ignorant about.

Our Responsibilities

Our website has a very broad spectrum of responsibilities on its young shoulders, few of which are listed below –

  • To act as a website portal to educate people on the Removal Procedures.
  • To encourage the implementation of National Strategic Plan on Asbestos Awareness and Management 2014-18 (NSP)
  • To promote the National Strategic Plan (NSP)
  • To monitor and promote the research about Asbestos safety.


In early 2010, the Commonwealth Government established a wide ranged review making recommendations for the development of a national strategic plan to improve asbestos
management in Australia. The review covered Asbestos Management issues beyond work and safety, to include environmental and public health issues. The review also looked into
the needs of educating people about the harmful effects of asbestos, removal, transport, disposal and overall public awareness. In August 2012, The Asbestos Management Review Report was released which advocated the need to develop a National Strategic Plan (NSP) in order to improve asbestos awareness and management as a broader community.
In September 2012, The Office of Asbestos Safety was established to start this work. Their office worked closely with the State and Territory Governments. They also acted as the key
stakeholder organisation to develop the National Strategic Plan. In July 2013, Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency replaced The Office of Asbestos Safety as a result of the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency Act 2013 . The agency and its council is tasked with implementing the plan. In March 2017, Asbestos Removal Central was established to help educate and inform proeprty owners and industry workers. This website acts as an independant autjhorty and is not part of the Australian Government or any organisations listed above. Our vision is to share the common goal of spreading awareness about Asbestos.

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